ShareTech Solution

Next Generation UTM

Deploying a converged infrastructure in the cloud era is much different from the traditional way of network architecture. Traditional approaches have multi-tier design stacking various services such as servers, operating systems, network connectivity, and applications. The nature of traditional networking enables rapid Internet service innovations, but creates a barrier between networks and services.

More services and the accompanying data are being moved to the cloud. Therefore, requirements of large scale pcs, high speed switches, operating systems, and even a computer room are decreasing and motivating a change in foundational architectures. To protect organization’s internal resources and data from the external threats, there is no doubt that a service-friendly and highly-secured deployment is an effective method.

By providing firewall features and programmable deployment, ShareTech Next-Gen UTM is optimized for internal segmentation, perimeter, and cloud, providing responsive and flexible services to middle and large business.